B2B Data Warehouse Company Gets 3X More Leads | Google Ads


Analytics Labs (ALDC) is a Software as a Service company. Using their proprietary data warehouse platform, You can easily gather data and turn it into clear, actionable insights that will aid in the expansion of your business with the help of their end-to-end data engineering and analytics platform.

The Challenge


ALDC had already an active Google Ads campaign but failed to maintain a profitable cost per lead. Their campaigns were driving traffic but spending too much to acquire customers. To make matters worse, there was growing competition from larger companies in the industry, such as Fivetran, Tableau and Snowflake so bids were increasing.

Another issue was ALDC’s landing pages—they provided a poor user experience. It was difficult for web page visitors to understand what service ALDC was offering because the messaging on the landing page was vague.

The Objective


Drive qualified traffic

Improve lead generation rate

Reduce target cost per lead

Translate investment into additional revenue

Maximize budget and ROI on ad spend

The Solution

Our solution to ALDC’s challenge involved targeting long tail keywords, improving the user experience of their landing pages, and increasing the Quality Score of their ads.
Long tail keywords typically have better Quality Scores. What is a Quality Score? Quality Score is a metric used by Google to rate the quality and relevance of a campaign’s keywords, ads and landing pages. The higher your Quality Score, the lower your advertising costs, and the higher your impression share. Improving ALDC’s Quality Score proved to be the best way to lower their average cost per click (CPC) while maintaining a strong target impression share. The higher your impression share, the more frequently your ad will be shown, and a lower CPC means that your budget can drive more impressions, clicks and conversions at a lower costs.

Long-tail keyword benefits:

♦ Long-tail keywords are less competitive than short-tail keywords (higher CTR, lower CPC).

♦ Long-tail keywords are more precise, and highly targeted, as a result, users are more willing to clickthrough and convert (higher CTR, higher Quality Score, and more relevant search terms)

Searches who use long-tail keywords are frequently further along in the buyer’s journey and more likely to make a decision (higher conversion rate)

♦ Because of these important facts, long-tail keywords can lead to more profitable advertising (lower cost per lead (Cost Per Lead)).

We also experimented with smart bidding strategies. When it comes to optimizing keyword bids during the keyword auction, smart bidding lowers CPCs by making use of Google’s artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities. In order to win ad placements that are most likely to result in conversions, smart bidding leverages contextual signals to reduce or raise keyword bid amounts. In fact, smart bidding usually results in an average CPC that is lower than manual bidding.

The bounce rate of ALDC’s landing pages was extremely high. We conducted a 5 second usability test by removing the brand logo and showing the landing page to members outside our target audience. Very few people understood what service ALDC was offering—this signaled to us that the landing page lacked clarity. As a result, we provided the following recommendations to the client. Create one custom landing page for each service; update the content of each landing page, and tailor the messaging to a target persona.

To further drive conversion rates of their campaign, our team also provided the client with User Experience (UX) and content recommendations. The objective of these UX recommendations was to make sure that the information on the landing page was presented in a clear and engaging manner. Visitors are more likely to convert and have a better overall experience with a brand if they can easily understand the benefits and offers and feel motivated to take action.

These were the most significant recommendations, although there were others that enhanced campaign performance.


By focusing on long-tail keywords, switching to a smart bidding strategy, and enhancing the user experience of their landing pages, ALDC was able to significantly lower their average CPC and increase their lead generation by 300%.

Conversion Rate Increase

More Leads

Traffic Growth

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